Monday, October 27, 2008

Partisan E-Mails

I'm a Georgia cracker, and Mrs Vache Folle comes from what I like to call the Keystone Krackers. So we got all the anti-Obama (previously anti-Hillary) e-mails forwarded from our kinfolk. I got a racist one from my mother, and I was taken aback because she always seemed to me to be the least racist person I knew, in the Deep South at least. I had to respond, and I at least got her to commit to vote against Saxby Chambliss. I'd like to think her dislike of old Saxby is based on something other than his broken pledge to restore the Confederate Battle Flag to the state flag, but I was afraid to ask.

In all fairness, Mom may not have realized that the e-mail was racist. It claimed that reader surveys of Country Living and Ebony magazines as to the three biggest fears yielded nuclear/terror attack, loss of a loved one, and terminal illness for the former and ghosts, dogs and registered mail for the latter. If the surveys were ever really undertaken, it might have been an interesting piece of cultural trivia, but it also included some verbiage that suggested Baraxk Obama was stupid just like the stupid ghost/dog/registered mail fearing readers of Ebony.

Of course, the comparison may not be very fair. Instead of Country Living, let's have Weekly World News readers' biggest fears: Satan in tornado form, Bat Boy, and the guy from Saw. Or Southern Partisan's Readership: Negros, Jews, Sammy Davis, Jr. Let's ask the readers of US, and OK! and In Touch what really scares them and mock their fears.

I mock the Country Living's readership's fears. None of their fears can be avoided by them. The Ebony fears are at least avoidable.

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