Friday, October 17, 2008

Frak the GOP

I am so pissed at the GOP that I not so secretly yearn for an O'Bama landslide. I would also like to see the nonGOP party get 60 Senate seats and kick Joe Liebermann to the curb. And a bigger Congressional majority, too. The GOP needs this to force it to purge itself of the more corrupt and dangerous elements that have taken it over. If it doesn't do this, then to hell with them. Let them be out of power for the rest of my life at least. Let them go the way of the Whigs or the Know Nothings or the Anti-Masonics.

"Conservatives" are better when they are out of power. They can block stuff on the basis of "conservatism". When they're in power, they conveniently forget their "conservative" principles and go hog wild. They just aren't up to governance. Look at their "intellectuals" for crying out loud!

Look what "conservatives" have done when in power. They've increased the size and power of government and run up debt like there's no tomorrow. Reagan and the Bushes alike.

I get the feeling that folks who are conservative in their viewpoint have been played by the GOP. Just like libertarians and Christian fundamentalists. Maybe these constituencies should form their own parties. The libertarians, I am told, already have in a manner of speaking. How about a "Conservative Party" and a "Christianist Extremist Party"? Then the GOP could go back to being the party of the country club set.

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