Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Energy Independence

The wanker running to unseat John Hall in my district has the words "Energy Independence Now" on his yard signs. Since he's the GOP candidate, I assume he means drill, baby, drill or some such nonsense. There ain't enough oil under the US of A to satisfy the enrgy requirements of Americans, and that's a fact. The US of A sits on 3% of the world's oil and guzzles up 25% of the world's oil. Do the arithmetic.

Besides, if more American oil is pumped out of the ground, it won't necessarily be sold to Americans. Oil is oil.

Finally, the amount of oil we're talking about in environmentally sensitive areas just might not be worth the risk. I don't have a whole lot of trust in oil companies not to destroy the beaches of the whole Gulf Coast.

I hear folks all the time say how unfortunate it is that we are dependent on oil from people who hate us. From what I'm hearing on the campaign trail, Alaskans hate Americans as much as anybody. And Texans pretend to like Americans but refuse to stop embarrassing us with their antics.

Energy independence is a meaningless phrase. To reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we should reduce our dependence on oil, no matter where it comes from. And that won't happen any time soon.

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