Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Failed Google Group

I started a Google group to continue the discussion some in our church have been having about faith and politics. So far, there's been one taker, and my opening post is all there is. A lot of the folks in the discussion group are oldsters and not apt to be interested in an on line discussion, but many are good candidates. I'm beginning to think that it's me, that my coreligionists are a little freaked out about participating in anything with a self avowed anarchist. I reckon they're afraid I'll disillusion them.

It may be that folks are timid about having anything in writing.

There's one more discussion on Sunday, and if others from the church don't sign up, I'm going to open the group to the public. That may be for the best since that would open it up to a wider range of perspectives than one Dutch Reformed congregation in the Hudson Valley.

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