Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been on the road a lot and keeping busy with divers activities and lessons and dating, and I have neglected to blog. I haven't had much of interest to relate besides dating horror stories and discovering that huckleberry infused vodka with lemonade is EVIL. I have done some soul searching, though, and think I have made a breakthrough that might be interesting to my reader.

My query to myself has been "what kind of fool stays in a relationship in which he is mistreated and disrespected"? A further line of inquiry is "and what kind of fool does it again and again"? A partial answer is that I believed the objects of my devotion when they suggested that I didn't deserve any better and that I couldn't do any better than them. But I am coming to realize that the problem is rooted in the nature of courting as I learned it and some deeper issues that I need to address.

Southern gentlemen press a kind of courtly, chivalric suit with unreserved and enthusiastic expressions of interest and flattery directed at women who are expected to appear to be indifferent. Or at least that's how it always seemed to me to be the way it was supposed to work. There was nothing more attractive to me than indifference (except perhaps outright hostility). Indifference was a sure sign of a lady's merit. She was not supposed to show any sign of interest until I had spent ages showering her with my devotion and practicing every charm I could muster, and then it would be most reluctantly bestowed.

So from youth, I always pursued females who did not like me and ignored those who did (assuming ad arguendo that such females existed). If they did like me, they would have to be unavailable in order to be attractive. In high school, I had some very close female friends as a result of this but very few dates. When I had girlfriends, I liked them more than they liked me, and I ignored the obvious "enthusiasm gaps" that should have foreshadowed the inevitable painful breakups.

I persisted in this throughout college and law school. I had lovers who were exceedingly selfish and inconsiderate of me. The higher maintenance, the better it must have seemed to me. I passed on many lovely young women (I was a catch at one time) who would have adored me in favor of cold and indifferent women who, in retrospect, cared nothing for me.

At first, my ex-wife was a break in the pattern for me. She pursued me relentlessly for months, and I was not attracted to her as a result. It was only when I got to know her and discovered that she was relatively unaffectionate and withholding that I realized that I had to have her. And the more she grew to despise me, the more I loved her. You can imagine that my love for her reached its zenith as she was walking out on me.

Tragic and stupid, huh? How do I break this pattern? I don't want to end up with another high maintenance, withholding and contemptuous lover, but I fear that I will be drawn to just such a woman like a moth to a flame. Perhaps the nature of on line dating will prevent me from hooking up with such women. After all, if they are indifferent to me, why would they consent to meet me or date me? I suppose, though, that there are women who enjoy being pursued and flattered by men whom they enjoy tormenting, and I am probably doomed to meet some of them. They'll be looking for men like me.

I'm hoping that awareness will help me see when my destructive pattern is emerging so I can make an escape. I really do want to find someone who will love me back. I think it would be better to die alone than to endure another lopsided relationship.

I need to develop a list of warning signs. Any ideas on what should be on that list would be welcomed.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ballroom Dancing is Just like NASCAR!

During dance lesson #4 on Saturday, I had the sudden realization that ballroom dancing is just like NASCAR, except that everybody wins. It all made sense. It's all about a series of left turns. I'm the driver; the lady is the car; and the object is to get around the dance floor without crashing into other dancers or the wall. OK, so it's only a little like NASCAR.

I tried the swing step again and almost got it. Crap, it's fast. And it smacks of effort. I need to get in better shape before I do too much swing dancing. I really like the foxtrot, rhumba and tango, and I can visualize myself driving a woman around the dance floor and maybe even carrying on a conversation.

I used to wonder why men who were dancing seemed preoccupied and inattentive to their partners. Now I know they're scouting the track and planning their moves to avoid collisions. You can't be peering into your partner's eyes too much or you'll get into a pile up!

I've got two more lessons next weekend.

Friday, July 02, 2010

I Know Enough About Ballroom Dancing to Get Someone Killed

I had my third session of ballroom dancing lessons with Lyudmilla this evening. I have to say it was pretty gratifying because I didn't forget the previous lessons and was actually doing a pretty good foxtrot with directional changes and promenades, even a turn. Lyudmilla thinks I may eventually be able converse with my partner while I dance insteaad of counting in my head the whole time (slow, slow, quick, quick).

I had the basic rhumba down and started to work the hips a little. It must have been pretty sad because Lyudmilla quickly moved on to a cool riff on the dance, the name of which I didn't catch. It felt pretty fancy though, and I mastered it.

We started to take up swing dancing but I was such a retard that we didn't spend much time on it and moved on remedial tango where we danced around the room and did promenades . Lyudmilla promised to try swing again in the morning when I'm fresh. It won't matter. I'm always a spaz with a new step. I aim to learn it because it looks like fun and a way to dance to faster pop songs.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the progress I have made with 2 hours and 25 minutes of instruction.