Thursday, October 23, 2008


I was never as into popular music as my peers when I was a youth. I never bought records, and I didn't have a stereo in my room. I'd occasionally listen to an album with a friend and nod approvingly, but I was just humoring them. In college, when folks would yammer on and on about which drummer had been in what band before the third album of so and so had been released, I would just listen and wonder who the hell they were talking about.

Now I own about thirty CDs of various artists with no particular genre in the majority. I own four Alison Krause CDs. I also have a Windham Hill collection and three Andreas Wollenweider CDs. I have some blues, some jazz, some Springsteen, and some classical. I rarely listen to any of them except in the car from time to time.

I love music, even though I am not much of a consumer of it. I have always been in choirs and choruses, and I sing all day long in the shower, the car, around the house, when I mow the yard, when I'm cooking.

I can't stand pop music nowadays, so I rarely listen to the radio for music. I tune in to sports competitions or news, only occasionally settling on a song, usually an oldie that brings back memories of my salad days. I am pretty sure that there is only one hip hop song that runs in a continuous loop. And country has gotten even more unbearable than ever. I would rather listen to polka than country.

I have never made a mix tape.

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