Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Calling Palin Out on the Wardrobe is Not Sexist

I saw on the TeeVee that that woman, you know the Survivor loser cum token conservative on "The View", claimed that criticism of Sarah Palin for her $150K wardrobe paid for by the campaign was "sexist". What the hell? What's sexist about it? If Obama's campaign bought him $150K in clothes, you'd bet the right would be "outraged" (again). The criticism is not that Palin's Caribou Barbie and a real clothes horse.. It's that the campaign took donors' contributions to pay for something so frivolous and probably not contemplated by the donors. Plus McCain himself made a big fuss about Bill Clinton's getting a $200 haircut on his campaign's dime back in 1992. Moreover, Palin has been posturing as a non-elitist, an ordinary hockey mom. The $150K wardrobe, the tens of thousands on makeup alone go to the issue of whether Palin is a phony.

It is perhaps ironic for someone to defend Palin by calling sexism since Palin is hardly a feminist. Then again, I don't think she or her supporters really know what sexism is. Maybe they think it's any time a woman is criticized. There's been sexism aplenty, but this is not an example of it. Playing the sexism card in this context demeans the concept and is, itself, sexist.

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