Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Observations About Wingnuts

Right wing nutzoids are always "outraged" about something. They don't have the complete range of emotional responses that normal people do. They're never dissapointed, mildly annoyed, or a little miffed. They're outraged! It's hard to take them seriously because they're always going on about something.

Right wing nutzoid "intellectuals" are paranoid about liberal conspiracies to keep them from succeeding in life. It's not their second rate scholarship and mediocre talent that forces them into wingnut welfare slots in "think tanks" and rightie publications. It's liberal bias. Frankly, if the right wing bench wasn't so thin, these folks would be fry cooks. They should count their blessings.

Right wing nutzoids talk in code. For example, when they say that an area is the "real" America, they mean it doesn't have many uppity Negroes, Jews, Catholics, Puerto Ricans, or what have you. Nudge nudge. Wink wink. Say no more. They're reminding the dumbasserate why they live in red states. Remember how the Democrats came out for civil rights and how pissed off you were about that? C'mon, it still must really chap your ass. Besides, Obama's black. They use the code because some of their constituents would be uncomfortable with overtly racist oratory, and the code makes for plausible deniability. Everybody in the GOP knows the code words. "States' Rights" is another one. Federalism is a perfectly legtimate topic, but that's not what wingnuts are talking about. They don't care about federalism. They're appealing to nostalgia for segregation and Jim Crow.

Right wing nutzoids aren't funny, at least not intentionally. You can laugh at them, but they can't do comedy. That's because they're mean, and mean is just not funny. Don Rickles was funny, but he wasn't really mean.

Right wing nutzoids are less likely to be sentient than other people. They clearly have no self awareness beacuse they are blithely able to distort facts and to take positions contrary to their assertions of mere minutes earlier without embarrassment.

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