Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Political Predictions

Democrats will not regain a majority in either chamber of Congress this autumn.

The first female president of the US will be Katherine Harris, elected in 2016, after a stint as Governor of Florida.

The last president of the US will be Katherine Harris, overthrown in a coup in 2020.

GW Bush will not finish his term. He will have “stroke” while clearing brush in Crawford. In an amazing coincidence, Cheney will die of a heart attack on the same day. The Speaker of the House, who will not be Hastert, becomes President. She runs for re-election in 2008 and loses in a closer than expected election.

She loses to Al Gore who serves two terms.

Donald Rumsfeld will be arrested by Spanish authorities and tried for war crimes in Madrid. He will die in a Spanish prison.

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Dr. Lenny said...

one can imagine a primary with gore and hilary both running parellel 'i told you so' campaigns - gore on global warming (which he invented, you know), and hilary on the need for universal health insurance to insert itself between patients and their drugs. Of course, we know that hilary is responsible for only some of the hot air in DC.