Friday, May 26, 2006

The Islamofascistpanhispanicists are Coming!

I am having a hard time finding out whether there really is a conspiracy to restore the long lost caliphate or create an even bigger caliphate encompassing all Muslim territories. This does not seem at all feasible, and I can’t really decide whether I would even care if there were such an entity and a viable group of conspirators set on bringing it about. The same goes for Aztlan. Is it the policy of Mexico to recover territory stolen from it by the US in the 1840s? Or is it simply a fantasy of some individuals who are ill equipped to bring it about? Should I care if some states decide to leave the US and become part of Mexico if I don’t live in any of those states? Or even if I do?

How about this for a conspiracy? Latin America once belonged to Spain and Portugal. Before that, the whole Iberian peninsula was in Muslim control. The caliphate should encompass Spain, Portugal and all of Latin America, plus the part of the US stolen from Mexico. Uh, Oh. Now that I’ve put it out there, someone might pick up on it and decide that this would be desirable. Now we have a whole new threat to fret about: Islamofascistpanhispanicism. Can it be stopped or even contained?

I have sometimes advocated the restoration of the Crusader States as a solution to the crisis in the Levant. As far as I know, I am the only person who advocates this, and I currently lack the means to bring the region under the sway of a Christian king. Should Israelis and Palestinians worry about my proposal? I reckon that they should embrace it, but even if they oppose it out of some misguided reasoning, giving it any credence as a threat would serve only to publicize it and possibly recruit new adherents.

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