Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm too retarded to figure out how to embed a freaking video, so you'll have to follow this link:

It's worth it, and no it's not a Rick Roll.

This is one of the reasons that The Daily Show is considered my many to be the best news show on TV. They show the contradictions, hypocrisy and inconsistencies that the real news outlets don't seem to notice.

How can the asshats that Stewart highlights take such different positions with straight faces? In the case of Bill O, it's because he is not sentient. He will deny that he said the first thing or claim that it's out of context (when confronted with the tape) or just call you names. He doesn't get it. Karl Rove is sentient but evil. He lacks a moral commitment to truthtelling and is blessed with no capacity for shame. The others understand that the media are dumbasses who won't question any narrative they're working at the moment.

Democrats need to learn how to say inconsistent things without feeling dishonest or stupid. The numbnut voters aren't going to notice. They don't remember anything more than a half hour ago. Say whatever you need to say at the moment to win points with the yahoos, and if your opponents call you on it, say they're liars who hate America. Oh, and use the inconsistencies the GOP throws up to call them, not hypocrites, but "flip floppers". Hypocrisy is nothing compared to flip floppery in what passes for voters' "minds".

Democrats must recognize that the electorate that they are courting is not really the hard working, salt of the earth, common sensical everyman/woman that they have conjured up in their imaginations. They have those folks wrapped up. They are going for people who vote with their sphincters. Which, by the way, work better than their brains.

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