Friday, March 14, 2008

Suggestions for Hillary

It seems to me that HDianeR Clinton can't win the nomination unless the superdelegates ignore the will of the voters and put her over the top despite BHO's electoral successes. The only way this will happen is if BHO is so damaged by some scandal or a propaganda campaign that he is seen as unelectable. Maybe he will turn out to be "Client Number 10" of the Emperor's Club or some such thing, or he'll say something really stupid. Who knows?

It makes sense to hang around in case something comes up like this, but it makes no sense to try to damage your opponent so much that you work to elect JSidney McCain, III. You might just defeat the whole purpose of staying around, because the superdelegates will be too disgusted with you to give you the nod.

If I were on HDiane's campaign staff, I'd advise caution. Run hard the rest of the way and stay in it in case BHO implodes or develops cancer or ends up assassinated or something. Demonstrate some party loyalty and unity, for crying out loud. You are a young woman and will have other chances unless you go all Lieberman on us. Think about what you can do as a Senator with your party in power! You could be up for leadership. Don't screw this up. Act like you realize that this is not about you. Be gracious. It's over unless BHO fracks up, and you should join the reality based community and recognize this.

Recently, HDiane has been floating the idea that a quarter of her supporters wouldn't vote for BHO if he were nominated and that they'd vote for JSidney instead. Who are these people? The ones who will vote for their favorite white candidate but not for a black dude? What else could it be? There's not much similarity other than European ancestry between HDiane and JSidney. Is the Democratic party going to let its agenda be dictated by these people? I don't think HDiane should go there.

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