Monday, March 31, 2008

Life in the Kingdom

One of the extra preachers spoke on Sunday, and it was a fine sermon. He talked about Glass Half Empty Christians and Glass Half Full Christians. The Half Emptiers focus their hope on their own resurrection when they die, while the Half Fullers focus their hope on the Resurrection of Jesus and what that means for the whole cosmos and for life right here and right now. The Kingdom of God is all around us and will grow and encompass the whole universe in the fulness of time. Be joyful, therefore, even if you can't be happy because of circumstances.

It is exciting to think of living in the Kingdom even in the midst of so much violence and suffering. I imagine how even my most insignificant actions in furtherance of the Kingdom may be multiplied in their effects through the coming ages. Perhaps one small kindness will bear amazing fruit in the eons to come.

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