Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rev Wright not as Crazy as Right Wing Media Suggests

Rev Wright's entitled to his opinions, for crying out loud, and I happen to agree with more than a few of them. I've been looking at his supposedly incendiary remarks, and except for his implying that the government gives out drugs (which for all I know it does), I can understand where he's coming from. Right wing religious leaders have said a lot crazier stuff, and nobody's asking John McCain to repudiate them.

So, I don't see that BHO has to take a position on Rev Wright's statements or that it makes sense to attribute the views of Rev Wright to the members of his congregation.

Anybody that listens to R Limbaugh, S Hannity or other brain cell destroying wankers wasn't going to vote for Obama anyway. If Obama needs the dumbasserate to win, then he might as well give up.

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