Thursday, March 27, 2008

Filet O'Fish and Sausage Biscuit Unquestionably Superior

Through all the menu changes at McDonald's over the years, the best sandwich is still the filet o'fish. If anything, the filet o'fish has gotten better but without any substantive change to the basic sandwich. The soft steamy bun, the creamy tartar sauce, the cheese food product, and the square fish part (species unknown) breaded and deep fried combine to form the perfect entree. The best side is naturally french fries as long as they are fresh. The filet o'fish is best when fresh out of the fryer, and in my day as a servant of McD in the 1970s we didn't make filiet o'fishes ahead of time, just to order. I suppose that this is still the case. If you order two sandwiches, eat the filet o'fish first while it is at the height of freshness. I don't want to know how the slab of fish is made. I imagine that a fish slurry is extruded into molds and sprayed with a crumb batter product and flash frozen.

The best breakfast sandwich at McDonald's is the sausage biscuit with egg (no cheese, thank you). They didn't even have breakfast back in my day, and for a long time there was just the McMuffin line. Now, all has been surpassed by the sausage biscuit. I am convinced that the sausage varies slightly by region, and I have detected slight taste differences as I have breakfasted at McD's on road trips. I once had a long commute up highway 41, and a McDonald's in Land O'Lakes was just about halfway. That's where I fell in love with the sausage biscuit and coincidentally where I started on the slow journey to obesity. I had a brief affair with the Croissanwich, considered it better than the McMuffin, but I was won back by the sausage biscuit.

Once again, a McDonald's lies halfway along my commute, this time in Yorktown. I try not to stop, but the siren song of the sausage biscuit beckons me. The meal is the best bargain. You get the sandwich, a hash brown, and a drink for slightly less than the sum of these items if ordered individually. Those hash browns rock, as long as they are fresh.

McDonald's is a happy place, a clean and snappy place, my kind of place.

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