Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Edwards' Adultery Totally Different From McCain's

Mrs Vache Folle is a Democrat. She reckons that John Edwards was a big giant douche for running for the Democratic nomination after he had had an affair. It was bound to come out, and the Democrats would have been screwed if Edwards had been on the ticket. Democrats, I would note, are held to a higher standard than Republicans when it comes to adultery. Otherwise, Edwards would not be in the news for an affair that ended some time ago at the same time that J Sidney McCain's own behaviors go largely unremarked. I reckon the Republicans are just relieved that McCain cheated with a woman.

Why is the Edwards affair so much worse than McCain's? Edwards cheated on his wife before she got sick, whereas McCain cheated on his wife after she had gotten disabled. Edwards didn't need to cheat as he had a perfectly healthy wife, whereas McCain's wife was broken. Edwards cheated with someone who was not as rich as he was and who couldn't really do anything to advance his career, whereas McCain cheated with a beer heiress who could fund his political ambitions. Edwards was just horny, whereas McCain had other, higher motives for his actions. If McCain hadn't cheated, we might never have had the benefit of his mavericky leadership in the Senate. The McCain marriage had to be sacrificed for the greater good. Finally, McCain was already contemplating dumping his broken wife and taking up with his mistress, whereas there is no indication that Edwards was thinking about dumping his wife. Edwards really faced no chance of being prosecuted for his adultery, whereas McCain bravely risked prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Edwards is a good looking man who is attractive to women, whereas McCain is a hideous troll who has to get it whenever he can,

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rumadyet said...

I dont care who does it for what reason it is Treason, Look in the dictionary. I know it sounds strong, but it is Treason when you are lying to your family. Look it up.I had met someone who said men cannot be monogamous. Really what an excuse, "I cant help my self." I cannot believe he said that, we are no longer seeing each other!.