Monday, August 04, 2008

Drinking Was Just a Symptom

There's this guy I've known for 25 years who just accomplished 18 plus months of sobriety, and I can't begin to say how happy I was that he had gotten clean. The whole time I have known him, except for the recent sober period, he was a drunk, And he went on a total, balls to the wall bender that lasted a couple or three years. I was sure he was going to drink himself to death. I was sure that was the idea.

Anyway, the guy had a lot of personality problems that I had always attributed to his drinking and being drunk most of the time. First of all, he was a lazy assed lump who never lifted a finger around the house and could rarely be coaxed to pay any attention to his kids, especially if it involved any effort. Secondly, he was afraid of the world and kept throwing up irrational obstacles that prevented him from doing what he claimed that he really wanted. First, it was kids. People who have kids can't do anything, right? Then it was building up a nest egg that he could never possibly build up in a hundred years that stood in the way of his dreams. Then, of course, he was mostly unconscious. Now, he can't really do anything until he erects a windmill and sells enough power to the power company that he can live off the power company checks. I'm not kidding. Thirdly, he was an uninformed dimwit. Fourthly, he was never responsible for anything; everything was always somebody else's fault and he was doing what he had to do with no choices.

It turns out that the guy still manifests these traits even when he has been sober all these months! His drinking just made me excuse it.

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