Thursday, April 02, 2009

Treason? Now?

The wingnuts are getting wingnuttier by the minute. The country is ruled by a political party that is only slightly ideologically different from their own preferred party, and they're talking about taking up arms. Detention without trial? No problemo. Perpetual pointless war? Down with that. More oversight of Walll Street? Get your rifle, Cletis, the country is gone to hell!

As far as I can tell, the differences between the GOP and the Democratic Party amount to differences in what they choose to regulate (nothing is out of bounds for either party) and whom they choose to benefit (they both redistribute like crazy). And it happens that at this moment in history the GOP is full of incompetent mulletheads. And to make things worse for them the conservative intelligentsia doesn't have the intellectual wattage to run a night light.

A pox on them all, say I; provided, however, that I prefer to be on the receiving end of redistributions (as long as they're inevitable, why not?), I don't want fundie loons to have much of a say about how I live my life, and I prefer competence to incompetence (it costs less).

That said, treason is as American as apple pie, so the wingnuts are just enacting the American tradition, albeit in an armchair fashion. Washington and Jefferson, both traitors, have huge monuments in the capital and their faces carved into Mount Rushmore. Stone Mountain has a monstrous carving of revered traitors Lee, Davis and some other guy, and their horses, too.

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b-psycho said...

I'm wondering how long until they finally overshoot their base on this stuff. It's overwhelmingly through culture war crap that much of the rural demographic votes Republican, but since the Big Issue now is the economy they can't talk gawdgunsgays without looking like they're obviously changing the subject. Cletis might get confused about who to aim at soon.