Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mos Def Serves Chris Hitchens

Here's how I remember an exchange among Christopher Hitchens, Salman Rushdie, and Mos Def on "Real Time" the other day:

SR: I hope Obama turns out not to be a pussy.
CH: I hope he gets serious about the threat of a nuclear armed Iran.
MD: If we're going to get all preachy about nonproliferation, perhaps we should get our own house in order and disband the nuclear club. Nobody should have nukes.
CH: (His trousers darkening with urine stains) I'm glad you realize the Iranians are lying about their intentions, silly Negro with your silly nom de guerre. Muslim extremists are the only people to have declared that they want nukes so they can use them.
SR: Hezbollah has a mushroom cloud on its flag.
MD: America has actuallly used nukes and caused a huge humanitarian crisis.
CH: Why won't you listen to the wog next to you who is smart enough to agree with me. The Muslims want to kill me.

It went something like that. I expected Maher to jump in and call bullshit at some point, but he never did. Mos Def held his own, most definitely. He had convictions on his side whereas Hitchens had only his trademark smarminess.


Jake said...

What exactly did he serve Mr. Hitchens? Did you even watch the show? Def came across as another uninformed buffoon....

Vache Folle said...

So, Mr Hitchens, we meet at last. You did not seem to understand the point that was being made at all by Mos Def but were overwhelmed by your pants pissing fear. You kept hammering away with your non sequitur response. Drink much?