Monday, March 30, 2009

Selfless and Stateless

My issue with the state is that I would prefer to live under organizing principles that are not predicated on violence. I differ with some other advocates of statelessness in that I reserve no special reverence for property rights. These are also predicated on violence inasmuch as they must be enforced by states or private defense agencies.

I am also not an advocate of individualism or selfishness. Rather, the perfect society in my view would be characterized by selflessness and love.

How do we (assuming you agree with me) get to the selfless, stateless society? Is it necessary to embrace the total state in order to destroy it? Because man has not yet been transformed into a perfectly loving and selfless being, what intermediate stages must we endure on the path to utopia?

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Spillersman said...

You may want to study philosophical anarchism. They speak of exactly what your referring to. Anarchism is not about chaos as some believe but about a social ordering without a central state, capitalism, or any hierarchical system. The values espoused are decentralized governance, direct democracy, egalitarianism, and a non hierarchical society. Most support small informal political communities directly governed by the people. They also support worker cooperatives as an alternative to capitalistic businesses with "wage slaves". Power is not in an impersonal institution such as a state or large corporation but truly within the people directly. Laws are more flexible as well. Many anarchists today call themselves libertarian socialists, they support a voluntary society rather then one based in coercion.