Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Post About Nothing

I haven't posted much lately because I've got nothing. Just a few random observations of no interest to anyone. Wait, that's what my blog is for!

Did you ever notice that the Ghost Hunters are always scared shitless of ghosts? Why is that? Ghosts can barely manage to manifest themselves in the slightest and subtlest ways, so I'm pretty sure they can't harm you. Besides, shouldn't they be happy to find a ghost, what with being ghost hunters and all?

I am addicted to "The Wire". In honor of that show, I have added liberal usage of the words motherfucker and cocksucker to my vocabulary. I also am drawn to "Big Love". It's creepy, but it sucks you in. "Battlestar Galactica" is ending. How will I go on?

My dog Jesse has vestibulitis and is in the hospital. He's getting on in years, so we can look forward to a period of prolonged illnesses and incontinence. It still won't make us glad to see him go.

My second cousin invited me to his wedding. I reckon he had to, what with my living so close by. I reckon the best gift I can give is to decline the invitation and make room for somebody he and his bride to be actually know and like.

I just finished Spencer Wells' "Journey of Man". I like the subject matter, how polymorphisms on the nonrecombinant portion of the Y chromosome can be used to make inferences about human migration, but he keeps using an annoying soup analogy that just doesn't work for me. Genetic polymorphisms are not very much like soup recipes, so the soup analogy isn't all that helpful. Aside from that, it's a good read. Now I'm on Brian Greene's "Fabric of the Cosmos" or some such title. It makes sense to me, Mr Mathematical Retard, and is enjoyable to read.

Mrs Vache Folle and I are making slow but steady progress on our Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons. The program has a hard time accepting her voice, even when her pronunciation is spot on. I have no such difficulty. I try to talk like the announcers on Telemundo. It seems to work.

Preparation for Good Friday and Easter in choir is freaking me out. The other tenors never show up for practice so I have to carry the whole section, and I suck at reading music and keeping time. Our recently departed director was particularly good at helping me figure out my part. She understood that she could not underestimate my abilities.

I've been working a lot. That's good news for the bank account, but it really cuts into my sitting around time.

I got a Blackberry, a hand me down from one of Mrs VF's former co-workers. I actually use it to read e-mail and get on the internet. I never used a cell phone before except in emergencies.

Now posterity will know what I was up to at this point in spacetime.

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James Leroy Wilson said...

It's unfortunate about your pet. Do you have an emergency backup dog?