Monday, March 09, 2009

The New GOP Platform

I understand that the GOP is rooting for our entry into a full blown postapocalyptic dystopia. Apparently, they figure that's the only environment in which they can thrive or, failing that, in which their agenda will have some traction. I reckon they're right as long as they are still in thrall to the Christianist fascist part of their coalition.

If civilization collapses, the family will be strengthened. It will have to be stronger because folks will have to join together in lineages to survive.

Religion, or at least some kinds of religion, will be more influential as folks turn to God or gods to pray for salvation from starvation or zombie invasion.

Science, that pesky obstacle, will be set back as we enter a new Dark Age or as the wingnuts call it "The Good Old Days". Stem cell research won't be an issue because... what's a stem cell? Evolution won't be taught because nothing will be taught except Bible stories. Eventuially these will be taught from memory because reading will fall out of favor.

Liberal media? No problem. All news will be delivered from pulpits and by town criers and gossip.

Abortion? Nobody will know how to perform one. On the down side, about a quarter of women will die in childbirth and a quarter of the children will die before they are one year old.

Medical care will be universally unavailable.

Taxes will be low, mainly because incomes will be low. Most of us will simply work for our feudal warlords 60% of the time in lieu of paying taxes.

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