Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Jesse Lou Baggett

Mr Baggett seems to be recovering from his vestibular disease. He's off the steroids, so I'm hoping that his constant urinating will stop soon or that he'll at least have more time to go outside before he unloads.

He's back to stalking us when he wants something, eg a walk, pork. He's his old beggar self again. He's a little slower and less bright eyed and bushy tailed than before, but I no longer fear that death is immanent.

He's eating again, and that's a huge relief. He's milking our sympathy for all it's worth, too. He refused to eat anything at first except sausages and lamb. Then the dog walker discovered that he would eat Friskie's turkey and giblets cat food. When I ran out of cat food, I discovered that he would eat sardines. When I ran out of sardines, I discovered that, if he got hungry enough, he'd eat his damned dry dog food just like before he was sick.

It's good to have my friend back.

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