Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Olympics

When President Obama likened himself to a Special Olympian on Jay Leno, it never occurred to me that anyone would take offense and that the drooling heads on CNN would be all over it. If I were a Special Olympian, I would be proud that President Obama would characterize his efforts to raise his level of bowling proficiency by practicing as akin to the efforts of Special Olympians. That's if they had the sense to understand what he was saying, which I'm pretty sure they don't. But them as are not feebleminded and who have loved ones who are special should have been proud for them.

Seriously, what was offensive about President Obama's remark? The analogy was spot on. Moreover, he was comparing himself to the Special people. What kind of insult is that? Is it that he is still not much of a bowler even though he tries that offends the sensiblities of those whose business it is to get offended on behalf of the Special? That's just stupid. Special Olympians are by and large not very good athletes, but the point is that they try and should be honored for trying despite the challenges they face.

Have you ever been to the Special Olympics? I have. They're great. The participants are wonderful people, and if they were capable of understanding what President Obama meant, they would chastise their spokespeople for being wankers.

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b-psycho said...

Besides that, the concern trolling is more offensive that what Obama actually said. Anyone who thinks developmentally disabled people don't/can't poke fun at each other must not know any.