Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Andy Breitbart Makes People Stupid by Osmosis

On Real Time, some wanker by the name of Andy Breitbart represented conservatives and Republicans. He spent almost the entire time whining about how he was afraid to say anything because it might be construed as racist. The rest of the time he spent denying that Rush Limbaugh is racist. He came off as an idiot. Not all conservatives who appear on Real Time are so transparently stupid, and I reckon he won;t be back on the show any time real soon. Bill Maher doesn't make a habit of booking the dumbest people he can on the right. He wants an interesting show and not simply for some fool like Breitbart to embarrass himself.
At first I felt a little sorry for the guy, but he was such a douche that empathy wore off within a minute or so. I just wanted him to go away.
Note to self. The name Breitbart is code for stupidity, so don't waste any time on anything he has written or where he appears. If anyone starts a sentence with "Andy Breitbart says..." feel free to stop listening.


Eleanor said...

Very Well Said!

Cahnman said...

Wow, for once in his life MAHER booked someone who was combative, instead of a 'me-too' RINO and you can't handle it.