Monday, April 06, 2009

David Frum is a Dumbass

Bill Maher brings on conservative "intellectuals" and lets them speak their minds. Most recently, he had on David Frum who kept going on and on about how going green comes with a price. It never seemed to occur to him that not going green also comes with a price. Going green will mitigate certain potential environmental catastrophes which, if unmitigated, will be plenty costly. Yes, David going green is not free, but not going green is not free, either.

He was also a douche about nuclear power and framed the debate about whether to use nuclear power as "if you have concerns about nuclear power, you are not serious about the environment". I have concerns about nuclear power. I want the nuclear power plants to be situated far away from where I live and work in case something goes wrong. Maybe David Frum would like a nuclear power plant in his back yard. I would not. I'm not saying we shouldn't go nuclear. I'm just saying that we should go nuclear away from population centers. We could run wires from them to transmit electricity to where it's wanted, and if they melt down relatively few folks will be injured.

Anyway, that's all David Frum had to contribute except that he claimed that religious nuts are also totally pragmatic about worldly issues. I bet he doesn't know any fundie wingnuts, because if he did, he'd know better than to make a claim like that.

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