Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus Seems Nice

Some folks are everywhere all the time, and I start to hate them for it. Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, you know about whom I am talking. Others are such nice people that I can't get enough of them. Rachael Ray has TV shows, a magazine, does commercials and is exposed as much as anyone ever, but doggone it I love her. Can there ever be enough Oprah Winfrey? I reckon not. That little Miley Cyrus is another one. She seems so nice that it didn't bother me one bit to observe that she has her own breakfast cereal. You go girl!

Now Miley's in trouble with the hatemongers of the religious right because she is not a gay hater. Via AmericaBlog, we learn that the wingnuts are up in arms for comments Miley made about gays, such as:

"Everyone deserves to love and be loved and most importantly smile."

"Jesus loves you and your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! That's like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz he's gay and that is wrong and very sad! "Like I said everyone deserves to be happy."

"God’s greatest commandment is to love. And judging is not loving."

"I am a Christian and I love you - gay or not - because you are no different than anyone else! We are all God's children."

It seems to me that Miley Cyrus is a pretty good role model and has a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus than her detractors in the religious right. Thank you, Billy Ray Cyrus. If having to endure "Achy, Breaky Heart" was necessary for us to have Miley so famous and popular, then it was worth it. God works in mysterious ways.

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