Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stuff About My Boring Life

I thought Jesse Lou Baggett wasn't going to make it for a while. His vestibular disease hit him hard. He has made a good recovery, although he is slightly slower and clumsier than he once was. Back in his day Jesse was a graceful speedster. So was I. Now we're both slower and less steady on our feet. His appetite came back with a vengeance. Since he has been off steroids for a few weeks, he has stopped pissing all over the potted plants and the TV stand. For a while there, I would come home to five or six piss puddles.

Jasper has been more uppity than usual, perhaps sensing that Jesse's alpha status is not so secure. Eventually, Jesse will tear him a new one, and the old regime will be restored completely.

Jasper is back to frog hunting and spotted Brad the Water Snake on Sunday last. This is the earliest we've ever seen Brad. Two comets appear to have survived the winter, but there's still no sign of the koi or the other thrity comets who made it through the autumn. Are they hiding under the leaves and muck? I've been mucking a little to get some detritus for various projects, and that's when the comets appeared.

I built raised beds 12 by 6 feet and am tilling the herb garden, so we'll have over 200 square feet of crops. We planted the one bed that I finished filling with topsoil on Sunday, and I hope to have the other bed filled by this weekend. I bought six yards of premium topsoil, but I don't reckon it will be enough for all the stuff I have planned.

Mrs Vache Folle has been very helpful with the garden this year so far. I try to get her to do the actual planting and detail work while I push wheelbarrows of dirt, mulch and rocks and shovel muck out of the pond. This division of labor seems to work for us.

We hired our neighbor to clean our house every week. She's already our dog walker. This way we can avoid spending our weekends on housework and can have a little fun for a change.

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Steve Scott said...

Boring? May I write your autobiography? ;)