Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Speaking of Pantloads

Why would anyone pay any heed to Newt Gingrich? The man is an archetypal douchebag. He was a mediocre academic at a fourth rate state college who convinced the slack jawed yokels in his district in Georgia to send him to Congress. It is evidence of the GOP's bankruptcy that he became the Speaker of the House, arguably the least effective ever. He resigned in disgrace.

He has nothing to say of any interest to anyone. He is an idiot.

By the way, when he scoffed at President Obama's goal of eliminating nukes, he could as easily have scoffed at GOP God Ronald Reagan who espoused the self same goal back when the nukes were moments from launch.

I grew up with hundreds of nuclear missiles aimed at me. It was always ten minutes to the end of the frakking world. That sucked. A world without nukes would be wonderful. A world without Newts would also be nice.

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Kevin Carson said...

I vaguely recall some wag referring to him as a professor at the Close Cover Before Striking College of Armpit, Georgia.