Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Observations

Clarence Thomas reckons that the state should be able to do pretty much whatever it wants to minors. They're not people. Go ahead and poke around in their drawers to see if they're hiding stuff in them even if you have no probable cause.

Three celebrities lost to us in one week. See how it happens in threes? I bet Mark Sanford is grateful that dead Michael Jackson got the attention off his philandering self.

I wish the wingnuts would STFU about Iran and how the US isn't butting in more. It would be stupid to butt in. The US probably can't influence what's going on there. Besides aren't these wingnut advocates of the reformists in Iran the same guys who wanted them bombed into oblivion a few weeks ago?

I just found out that the NBA still exists and has a draft. Who knew?

I like the GOP argument about the public option in healthcare. The government is inefficient, corrupt and incompetent and private health insurers can't compete with it.

Who are Jon and Kate and why do I care about their marriage?

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