Monday, June 08, 2009

Bugaboo Creek

Mrs Vache Folle and I went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday to Bugaboo Creek, a steak restaurant in Poughkeepsie, presumably one of a chain, that has as its "theme" the Canadian Rockies. The food was palatable (I had smoked spareribs) and a "Bunyan Onion" appetizer. The latter is the same as a "Bloomin' Onion" that you'd get at the Outback, but it's name reflects the fact that Canada has forests, perhaps even some that legendary giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan visited. There were unlimited refills on nonalcoholic beverages, and I must have downed a gallon of iced tea before I realized that the waiters were surreptitiously replacing my beverage container any time it got to half empty.

The main dining rooom, where we were seated, featured an animatronic mounted bison head that would come to life at intervals and crack wise. The first couple of times, it was amusing. Even more annoying was the policy of commemorating birthdays with a parade of chanting and singing waitstaff, one of which was carrying a muppet mounted moose head that would maul the celebrant. There must have been thirty birthday celebrations during our dinner. Every few minutes, waitstaff would come over and ask us "How's everything tasting?" I had to admit that everything tasted pretty good. I hope that there are defibrillators strategically placed around the premises, because arteries are acloggin' at Bugaboo Creek. That's the only thing that makes the talking decapitated ruminants and the birthday celebrations bearable.

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b-psycho said...

There was a seafood place called Up The Creek I used to go to back in GA. Your entree would be free if it was your birthday.

More places need to do that.