Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FOX is Crazy but not Like a Fox

If I were king, I wouldn't give any information or access to FOX "News". To get info out of my government, they'd need to file Freedom of Information Act requests. If they complained about it, I'd point out that we gave journalistic credentials only to actual journalists and treated as journalists only those individuals working for legitimate news gathering organizations or who were legitimate freelancers. Now and then an offical might go on an entertainment show, but FOX wouldn't be one of them because they masquerade fraudulently as a news gathering organization when in reality they are a propoganda arm of the GOP. Seriously, some folks are duped into thinking they're watching the "news" such is the level of education in this country.

Also, if anyone from the real news media referred to anything said by a FOX "News" talking head or some other right wing smear artist, the official response would always be "Why would anyone listen to that lying sack of shit?"

The same goes for the Washington Times and the New York Post.

I might even hire a team to follow the FOX smear artists and debunk their every utterance.

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