Friday, June 19, 2009

The GOP is Still Evil

I have become convinced over the years that Democrats, for the most part, mean well. They really believe that good government can improve people's lives. Only, they're stupid. Republicans, on the other hand, do not have good intentions. They just want power and access to the treasury. They'll say or do anything to get and keep power because they don't give a shit about this country. They want what they can get for themselves, that's all. They're evil.

Democrats seem to think that they should be able to work in a bipartisan way. And they can as long as the other party is not the GOP. They don't seem to want to attribute to their counterparts in the GOP the evil motives that they seem to possess. The GOP will gladly attribute evil motives to anyone if it helps their cause even if the attribution is unsupportable.

Republicans don't care about being lying sacks of shit. It works for them. One or more of their surrogates may some outrageous claim or accusation which is then picked up by one of the right wing's captive "news" outlets (Washington Times, FOX, Weekly Standard, etc.). The surrogates and "news" outlets complain that the "liberal media" is ignoring the story, and then it filters into the mainstream media, The lazy assed talking heads at CNN and MSNBC and the like don't bother to look into the substance of the myths being created and disseminated and talk about them as if they were anything other than made up batshit lunacy. That's being "balanced" when you are too stupid or lazy to look at the facts. The mainsteam media has some right wing moles in it who make sure that the product of the right wing myth making machine get aired.

This works again and again because Democrats are too afraid or too stupid to stand up and call bullshit and shine a light on the machine. Except Al Franken.

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