Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Fight Nature; Nature Wins

I feel as if I'm back in Seattle what with the almost constant grey skies and rain. Of course, the rain is different. In Seattle, it just sort of misted and drizzled all the time. Here in the Hudson Valley, it comes in downpours with thunder and lightning and an agitated Carpathian Shepherd keeping me up all night even though he's mostly deaf. Quite a bit of the mountain drains through my creeks and pond and parts of my yard, and I sustained a little damage to a pachysandra patch that got in the way of a flash flood that the creeks could not contain. I have fixed it, and I am proud to say that I think I came up with a solution to divert the flow coming down off the mountain from the west side.

Earlier, I put in some "levees" where the flow from the bedrock heads into the pond to channel the water into a waterfall that I had erected with big rocks. The "levees" I made by making two berms of pond muck and planting grass on them. The flow from the fencelline now is contained between them and does not wash put my perennial beds. I can't believe I didn't think of this before. When I saw what happened to the pachysandras, I nailed some planks to the fence behind the pachysandra bed to stop (or at least slow) the flow off the mountain and divert it toward the southern creek bed. Smart, huh? I have put in a layer of sand and aim to plant grass in a layer of pond muck to fight erosion even more. I reckon anything short of a deluge will be covered.

Oddly, the basement has not gotten filled up with water due to excessive rain as it had in the past. In times past, it has been necessary during some storms to run a second sump pump to keep up with the inflow. The basement water comes from underground, and I have no idea why the groundwater flow would have changed.

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