Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let Haters Say All the Hateful Shit They Want

What's to be done about "hate speech"? Nothing, say I. I want haters to self identify so we can keep an eye on them. I don't want to push them underground. What I'd like to see is a transformation in the hearts and minds of haters so that they no longer hated and, therefore, no longer engaged in hateful speech acts. This probably won't happen in my lifetime, so in the meantime let's keep the haters out in the open where we can see them. They're the ones we interview first when there's actual hate crime. They're the ones we keep under surveillance as most likely to blow up a building or murder someone.

Also I like to know who's a hater right up front so I can avoid hanging out with them or associating with them to the extent possible. I hate to develop a friendship only to find out that my new friend is a racist or a homophobe. That's inconvenient.

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johanna said...

Well said! I wouldn't be sorry if I never again had to hear one of those stupid, insincere public apologies that some people demand from them, either.