Monday, July 21, 2008

Trouble on the Iraq/Pakistan Border Related to Energy Supplies to Czechoslovakia?

AmericaBlog reports that J Sidney McCain stated that he was concerned about the "Iraq/Pakistan border":

Some commenters have pointed out that Iraq and Pakistan don't actually have a border and assume that J Sidney McCain is just being an ignoramus. Again.

In his defense, there are other explanations:

1. J Sidney was thinking of the future border in the middle of the vast inland sea where Iran will used to be if J Sidney's evil schemes come to pass.

2. J Sidney doesn't know the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan or India or any other country that actually borders on Pakistan, and why would he, God bless him?

3. J Sidney was thinking of Iraq and some entirely different country which it also doesn't border.

4. J Sidney was thinking about two countries other than Iraq and Pakistan which don't have a border with one another, either.

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