Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Perfect Family

I like my relationship with my family just the way it is. I see my siblings and parents every one or two years, and we talk on the phone from about monthly to biannually depending on which individual it is. I have a pretty fair claim on a kidney if I need one with minimal effort at family stuff. I see my in-laws only slightly more frequently, but I never have to talk to them on the phone. Some of them are coming to visit this weekend, and that will get that out of the way for another year or so.

The best thing about my family and Mrs Vache Folle's family is that they don't care what we do. They never give advice or criticize, and we return the favor.

We wish them all the best, since we have the best families in the world.

I feel sorry for folks who live too close to their parents, siblings or in-laws and have to see them all the time and have them meddling in their affairs.

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