Monday, July 07, 2008

Global Warming is INevitable, so Get Some Fans

Here's what I believe about global warming. It's real, it's anthropogenic to a significant degree, there are things that could be done to mitigate it, and those things won't get done in time to matter. We're talking about taking steps and making sacrifices in the here and now for people a couple of generations from now whom we don't even know. Governments, businesses, individuals don't usually think or act in such long terms. How much do we in the US care about people whose parents have not yet been born? We pile debt on them via deficit spending like there's no tomorrow, so I'm guessing not much.

In a hundred years, those living with the impacts of global warming will curse this generation for the douchebags that we were. The reason I say douchebags instead of assholes is that we'll really want to do something about global warming. We'll even pretend that we're trying. But every government initiative to reduce carbon emissions or mitigate impacts will actually be driven by agendas that have nothing to do with global warming. Pockets will be lined, offices will be filled, freedoms will be impaired, and the planet will continue to get hotter. Sea levels will rise.

We may as well look at the bright side of global warming. Some pretty gnarly mutations could result, making the human species that much better. There will be an incentive to colonize space and fulfill mankind's destiny. Much of Texas and Connecticutt will be gone.

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