Monday, July 07, 2008

Barry O'Bama Disappoints

My brief flirtation with a man crush on Barry O'Bama is over. In the wake of his FISA vote, he's dead to me now. I doubt very much that I'll even go to the polls this fall. He's not as bad as the evil and insane J Sidney McCain, but that could be said of billions of people.

Frankly, as far as politics goes, I won't be satisfied with anything less than the dissolution of the federal government. It has proven to be too dangerous to liberty and world security. It's not worth tinkering with. Just get rid of it. Sell off the public lands, fund accrued Social Security obligations with the proceeds, and repudiate the rest of the debt as odious. Let the states go their separate ways in peace.

I'm not one of those states' rights guys who wants the federal government to butt out whle states enact authoritarian rule, so I'm also looking for way weaker states or confederations of states and provinces that will leave me the hell alone. Ideally, my state will wither away as well, and I'll be a citizen of the Free Republic of Southern East Fishkill. Even better, I'll form a tithing with my immediate neighbors, and the titihing will join with other tithings to form hundreds and so on in ad hoc and semi-permanent but voluntary segmented groupings.

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