Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pooh Pooh Queen

Mrs Vache Folle is a lovely human being and especially kind and solicitous. But she is, with me at least, The Fastest Pooh Pooh in the East. She can shoot down an idea and give you five objections to it before you have even finished uttering the first sentence about it.

VF: About that bookshelf in the living room, I was thinking...
MRS VF: It can't be moved. There's no room for it anywhere else and the corner it's in is the only place where we don't have a plant. There's not enough sun for a plant, and any other piece of furniture there would be too big.
VF: I wasn't going to suggest that we move it.
MRS VF: What then?
VF: I can't remember now.

Occasionally, she will pretend that she is mulling over my suggestion, but I know she has already pooh poohed it in her mind.

The most annoying part of the whole thing is that she is always right.

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