Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Fish

Our contractor guy Steve is moving to the Adirondacks next month or so, so we had him and his crew come in and install a new floor in the downstairs bedroom. The old floor was crooked, rotting in some places, and covered with ratty white (or formerly white) wall to wall carpet. The rest of the house has wood floors. It took the guys four days to rip out the old subfloor, level it, and install oak flooring. It looks great.

Meanwhile, Steve offered to sell me some of his koi from his pond for $100 a pop, and we took three. He threw in an extra fish for free plus a smaller individual that'll probably get eaten by the heron before long. The four other fish are pretty big, say 3-5 pounds each, and are too big for the heron. We have been enjoying having them in the pond and have taken to sitting on benches by the weir to watch them eat the koi food we scatter across the surface. We named one Steve in honor of their former owner and the rest are named for Mrs Vache Folle's nephews Grant, Reid and Porter. Jasper the Salopian Terrier has yet to harass the new fish since they stay on the deep end which he has been trained to avoid. We still have a school of comets and another school of shiners, and they give the koi a wide berth. We'll see how the newcomers do when the creek stops running. I'll probably have to stir up and aerate the water with our extra sump pump.

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