Thursday, January 15, 2009

Suggested Stimuli

Build a new Tappan Zee Bridge with ten lanes each way. It won't help me, except I won't have to listen to my conspecifics from Jersey bitch about their commute. Nobody held a gun to their heads and made them live across the Hudson. I make it a point wherever possible to live on the same side of the river that I work so as to avoid choke points like bridges and tunnels. Mrs Vache Folle once had a job on the other side of the Potomac in Virginia, but she commuted against traffic and took the subway most of the time.

It's high time for a National Clown College to take its place alongside the other service academies.

Pave the Taconic State Parkway with a substance that will not disintegrate after every snowstorm leaving enormous wheel killing potholes. It's the 21st century for crying out loud; let's come up with some good paving material. And you know the drain grates on the edge of the road? How about we make those flush with the rest of the road. And do the roadwork outside the rush hours for a change or let us know ahead of time that you'll be tying up the road so we can take alternate routes.

Let's make high speed internet and cell phone access available everywhere in America. No dead zones!

Extend the NY subways into neighboring jurisdictions such as Westchester and Nassau and over into Jersey. Take the monorail in Seattle and extend it to Portland and Vancouver. Monorails for every city while we're at it. You know the trolley systems that once existed in many towns but were torn up? Rebuild them! Let that trolley in Seattle go all the way to Issaquah and Everett.

Let's put all the power and telephone lines and cables underground so we can make historic movies without worrying about power lines in the background.

New schools would be nice. A lot of towns have been using "temporary" structures for decades. Let's give them fancy new digs with separate cafeterias and auditoriums. No child should have to suffer the indignity of eating in or attending an assembly in a "cafetorium" as I did at Dug Gap Elementary.

Let's buy everyone a high powered rifle and train them in its use and maintenance.

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