Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Hollywood

Tbogg takes the low hanging fruit that is Big Hollywood and lets it critique itself:

Evidently, Big Hollywood is dedicated to the proposition that film moguls make movies based on something other than their desire to make money. These moguls have a moral duty to make "conservative" movies, if by conservative one means mindlessly nationalistic and devoted to depicting war as heroic and fun rather than ugly and difficult. Filmmakers should not depict soldiers as anything less than heroes sacrificing all for the state and reaping their glorious reward.

I reckon that there are lots of crappy movies with no moral ambiguity to confuse the "conservative" mind and that the gang at Big Hollywood should subscribe to NetFlix and gorge themselves on Chuck Norris movies. Or they could rent some propaganda films from WW2.

Maybe they could shop some scripts around and see if they can get their dream movies made. Here's the pitch: Conservative blogger is thrust into the International War on Terror and singlehandedly takes on the forces of the Caliphate. Along the way he rescues an entire harem of grateful scantily clad women enslaved by the evil terrorist ringleader, and they agree to have sex with him. Explosions and car chases abound. Lots of patriotic monologues not unlike conservative blog posts.

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