Sunday, January 04, 2009

House and Feeder

So far in calendar year 2009, I have observed 14 species of birds on the feeders. I have been using a mix of songbird and woodpecker blends and have been spreading some cracked corn on the ground. The corn is meant to distract the deer that have been noshing on my shrubbery since the snows began to fall.

Yesterday, Mrs Vache Folle and I changed the two flourescent light fixtures in the kitchen, Mrs VF never liked them, and one of them broke when we were cleaning bugs out of it. My ineptitude in anything "handy" coupled with the jury rigging that the previous lights had been subjected to meant two hours to hang the damn lights. There were no boxes in the ceiling, just wires, and the anchors for the old lights were not in the right places for the new fixtures. The main problem was how tiresom it was to hold the fixtures up and installing anchors overhead.

Speaking of handiness, the kitchen sink has had a leak for a few weeks, and we have had to empty a bucket several times a day. Our neighbor the plumber was a no show, and we haven't gotten around to getting another plumber. I know that I don't even want to try to fix the damned thing myself, and I feel emasculated by my uselessness. At long last, a handyman has been found and is to come on Tuesday. We are making a list of handy stuff for him to take care of. He is the husband of Mrs VF's hairdresser, and he wants this kind of work.

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