Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Animation in Commercials

The Lectric Shave commercial features whiskers with faces. They wake up when the Lectric Shave is applied and, as the fall away into the hopper, one of them remarks "That was close." What happens to those sentient whiskers once they are freed from the face? Do their lives go on in the trash can or the septic tank? They didn't seem unhappy about being shaved.

Mucinex has animated boogers in its commercials. They are depicted as moving in to a person's nose from outside and taking up residence until banished by Mucinex. This is so wrong. Boogers are products of the body. They don't move in from outside. They are a reaction to a germ or allergen and perfrom a vital function. The animated boogers in the commercial are depicted as fat cigar smoking lowlifes rather than the heros that they really are.

There's a product that fights toenail fungus that features in its commercials an animated toenail fungus that looks like a tiny Gollum. Fungi are not animals, so this is not a very instructive representation of the problem. It makes you feel a little bad about killing the toenail fungi. One of the possible side effects of the product is sudden death, so I'll just live with toenail fungus.

There's an allergy medicine (Pollinex?)with an animated honeybee with a vaguely Spanish accent. I can live with the concept of a talking bee, but the damned thing has teeth. How the hell does a bee sip nectar with a dental arcade? That's when it falls apart for me. And it doesn't have compound eyes, either. Sheesh.

I like the animated bears that pitch toilet paper that won't stick to your ass. Aside from ass wiping and talking, these bears seem fairly bearlike.

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