Tuesday, January 06, 2009

College Football Championship

Which college football team is truly the best? There's really no way of knowing for sure unless they play each other, and there's too many for that. All you can really say is which team is the best in its conference, and if two conference champs go head to head in a bowl, the winner is the best in both conferences. That's good enough for me what with not giving a rat's ass about college football.

Some advocate a playofff system, but I reckon that would take away the pleasure of arguing endlessly about the merits of teams and conferences. As it stands now, each of us is the arbiter of championship and none may gainsay us.

A simple way of deciding championship would be to have the SEC and Big 10 champs play in a bowl each year, the winner being crowned champion of the universe. Everybody knows deep down that the SEC and the Big Ten (or wjatever number it is now) are the only real football playing conferences. I'm not saying there aren't some decent teams in the other conferences, but they have weaker opponents. The Big East and the ACC are pitiful imitations of football conferences.

I am told that some colleges out west field football teams and play each other. One of them, whose mascot is a popular condom brand, even defeated Penn State in a bowl. In time, they may develop a real football tradition.

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