Saturday, November 01, 2008

Turkey in the Oven

Mrs Vache Folle reads the Penzey's catalogue for recipe ideas. The last one had a great recipe for leftover turkey curry and for stuffing. So right now we have a turkey roasting in the oven along with a baking dish of homemade stuffing. Vache Folle will eat well tonight. And tomorrow, too, because that's when the turkey curry gets made.

We roast a turkey several times a year. It's not just for holidays.

For Thanksgiving, I want to roast a goose this year. Or, we might just eat at the Mohonk Mountain House over in the Catskills. It's just the two of us (four if you count Messrs Baggett and Stone who shouldn't eat too much poultry anyway because it gives them the runs). The Mohonk deal includes a day pass to the house and grounds, which are beautiful any time of year. After dinner (lunch to you Yankees), we can walk off our excesses on the hiking paths.

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