Monday, November 10, 2008

East Ridge Fuzz Out of Control

My niece and her partner have been harassed by the East Ridge police department into penury. The cops have intimidated would be customers by spreading lies about their being drug dealers and threatening customers with adverse consequences if they are seen around the store. The store sells auto accessories such as rims and spinners and what have you, so the clientele is vulnerable to police harassment. My niece's partner is not a drug dealer and never has been. He's a retailer whose only crime is that he is a Palestinian-American. He is a good family man who is simply trying to make a living in the auto accessory business.

He won a settlement from the Dalton police department a few years ago when he caught two officers on his security cameras breaking into his store and talking about how they were going to have to plant some drugs. The harassment was so bad that they closed the store and moved to Florida for a few years. They missed their families in North Georgia, however, so moved back to the area and opened a store in the suburbs of Chattanooga. Evidently, the Dalton cops got the East Ridge cops to pick up where they had left off.

I need to help them find a lawyer who would be willing to take on the East Ridge fuzz.

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