Monday, November 10, 2008

Prop 8

I can't figure out why churches and denominations reckon it's a good idea to write discrimination against gay couples into the marriage laws. If your religious beliefs are such that you cannot tolerate homosexuality, then by all means refrain from marrying someone of the same sex or refrain from welcoming gay folks into your congregations. But there's no Biblical basis for going around funding antigay initiatives or advocating legislation that harms or disadvantages gays. How does that help the cause of religious freedom? It doesn't. It seeks to impose a single religious viewpoint on everyone.

Maybe in soldiarity with gays, we straight folks could stop marrying and accepting the special privileges that the state grants to heterosexual couples. Or we could lobby the state to get out of the marriage business altogether. Who needs the state telling us whom to marry and what the marriage contract means? Get the state out of the divorce business as well. How would you like that, fundies?

I'm on board with the boycott of Utah on account of Mormon funding of Prop 8 in California, and when I find out which businesses contributed to the initiative, I'll boycott them, too.

I have come to believe strongly that Christians should be open and affirming toward our homosexual brothers and sisters. If we love them, we will want them to be happy. It's as simple as that.

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