Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baptism by Proxy

I can't get worked up about Mormons' baptizing my dead relatives by proxy. Do you want to know why? It's because I don't believe that Mormon baptism by proxy does anything. It signifies nothing. My dead relatives' eternal souls are unaffected.

Which is sillier? Believing in baptism by proxy or getting pissed about it even though you don't believe in it?

Besides, if the Mormons turn out to be right, our dead relatives will thank them.

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El said...

So you say that all this should not bother people that has other faiths since thay dont believe the mormon faith in any case and so they should not be effected, this seem to be logical. But let me add something, what about the Popes annual prayer for the jews? do you know that one? the prayer where he is praying for them to stop their wrong ways and finaly see the truth (the truth occording to the catholic church). With this same logic we can say that the jews should not care about this since he is praying a false pray according to the jewish faith. How far can you take that logic? was that far enough?:-)